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Success Stories

It is often said that the success of an organization can be measured by the people it has helped. Here are some testimonials from patients that we have helped in our history.

Rexanne Metzer"As a 10 year survivor of an ABMT for Stage IV Breast Cancer, I am appalled that insurers are considering dropping coverage for transplants. If we as consumers are paying to have insurance to pay medical bills, what good is insurance when one is diagnosed with cancer or any other catastrophic disease? Upon my diagnosis, I was told by a doctor/friend to get my affairs in order. Some friend! At 34 years old, I was not ready to throw in the towel. My oncologist stated that conventional treatment would only prolong my life one or two years. Without ABMT, I would have left two daughters ages 18 months and 4 years old. Today I am an active mother, business woman, volunteer and patient advocate."
- Rexanne Metzer
Vice-President, Davis Interiors
Norfolk, VA

Rep. Douglas S. Jackson"I was diagnosed with Level III Lymphoma at the age of 39. Extensive chemotherapy, with stem cell transplant, contributed to me being alive today enjoying the growth of my 3 children, being a devoted husband, and an active representative for the people of Tennessee."
- Representative Douglas S. Jackson
Dickson, TN

High dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplant yields the highest rate of complete remission and duration of remission of any available therapy of metastatic breast cancer. It, therefore, represents the most promising strategy to achieve minimal residual disease. Some time will elapse before completed and planned trails can be accurately analyzed individually and collectively for an understanding of the role of high dose therapy in individual women with breast cancer. Like all clinical research, advances in this field are likely to be incremental. The importance of investigating high dose therapy as a platform for strategies that deal with minimal residual disease must not be lost while we are awaiting final results.
- C.F. LeMaistre, M.D.
Medical Director of South Texas Cancer Institute

Karen Holly"I received the biopsy results on my 35th birthday and I was determined to do whatever it took to live. The second time around, I felt vulnerable because it was a recurrence, and I wanted to continue with my life and not let breast cancer take over my life. I wanted the most aggressive therapy available because I enjoy life so much. It made me look at my own mortality. In both cases, death was not an option! I have to speak out to others to help them know that they must be responsible for their own bodies and their own health."
- Karen Holly
A Woman Living with Breast Cancer
Richmond, CA

Terri Bronocco Jones"It doesn't matter what statistics say. When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your odds are one-in-one. And after my BMT, my survival rate is 100%. For that, I am profoundly grateful."
- Terri Bronocco Jones
Communications Director
6 years post bone marrow transplant
San Antonio, TX

Dianne Lamb"I am an eleven year breast cancer survivor. I had a BMT in 1997 as a Stage IV patient. Two years after treatment, I have no evidence of the disease. Besides getting my life back, I am now realizing some of my life's wishes. One of them is my daughter's wedding this summer!"
- Dianne Lamb
Retired 7th Grade Teacher
Patient Advocate
Murfeesboro, TN