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2016-2017 Scholarship Winners


We are pleased to announce the recipients of
our patient scholarships:

New Awards



Isabel Allen

Boston University
College of Arts & Science
Boston, MA

Course of Study: Middle Eastern Studies

“I am excited to focus my global studies on the Middle East and North Africa. I look forward to learning about the complex history of the Arabic-speaking world and how some of our greatest modern conflicts have arisen in that region. I will continue to study Arabic and Chinese so that I can communicate with my peers around the world and discover unique perspectives.

I chose to attend a private university because of its competitive classes and student body, but the tuition is higher than my mother’s income and taking on loans is daunting. The Patient Advocate Foundation scholarship award will help me manage my student debt. It is an honor to receive the scholarship funding, and I am thankful for the financial assistance and investment in my education.“

Sage Chasen

Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA

Course of Study: Civil Engineering

“I am so grateful for this generous scholarship. Because of Scholarship for Survivors' generosity I am able to attend my college of choice. Aside from giving me money, this scholarship has also given me a new sense of self-confidence. This means so much to me and I cannot wait to give back what I have been given.“ 

Timothy Conners

Ithaca College Ithaca, NY

Course of Study: Humanities and Sciences

“The benefits I have received from the Patient Advocate Foundation scholarship are one's that I found aren't easily put into words. To start off, with the help of this scholarship, I am able to pay for more of my college career which means there is less of a burden on my parents who have already done so much for me. Not only that, but healthcare is something I know I will struggle with in the future so the less money I come out of college with in debt, the better equipped I'll be to deal with this issue in the future. Lastly, even without factoring in the money, the feelings of achievement I've gotten from receiving this scholarship alone are enough to reaffirm that I am going to go on and do great things, despite my life circumstances. If I had to sum up the benefits in one word, it would have to be blessed.”

Somer Greene

Occidental College Los Angeles, CA

Course of Study:  Nonprofit Management

“Receiving this scholarship from Patient Advocate Foundation means the world to me and my family. It not only gives me the opportunity to further my learning, but to stay focused on my education and career goals. This will be my last year at Occidental, and this scholarship serves as a reminder that I am supported in my pursuit of social justice as well as in my academic achievements. My experiences here at Occidental have made me realize how fortunate I am, and that this school is truly my home! With the help of this award, I can continue my passion for community action and awareness.” 

Alexa Hickman

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, TN

Course of Study: Pediatrics

“My goals with this scholarship are to be able to continue to pursue my dreams of being a pediatric oncology nurse to help other cancer patients during their fight against cancer.

The benefits of this scholarship are tremendous for me. It will allow me to be able to continue my studies at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.“ 

Tiffany Hollihan

Ball State University
Muncie, IN

Course of Study: Journalism

“Throughout my academic career, I want to strive to be an excellent student through volunteering, good grades, and new experiences. I want to graduate from Ball State in 2020 with a degree in a field I am interested in, educated about, and passionate for.

This scholarship will benefit me by providing me with an amount of money to go towards my academic career. I think this scholarship also gave me confidence that I am making the right choices and setting a good example.“

Kaela Johnson

VA Commonwealth University Richmond, VA

Course of Study: Pediatric Medicine 

“Nancy Davenport-Ennis Scholarship Award ~ I am so appreciative to the Patient Advocate Foundation for awarding me the Nancy Davenport-Ennis Scholarship. It has truly afforded me the opportunity to attend the college of my choice, Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a tremendous financial help. More importantly, the scholarship has set me on the course to fulfill my dream of practicing pediatric medicine. This summer I entered VCU directly from high school as a sophomore majoring in interdisciplinary science with a concentration in health preparations. As a person diagnosed with sickle cell disease, I am excited about the sickle cell related research taking place at VCU and look forward to the opportunity to volunteer in the medical center and in the Richmond community. This scholarship helps me to show others with a chronic disease that they can be successful and achieve their dreams. My goal is to provide quality care to the very persons that PAF serves and I can’t thank you enough for believing in me.” 

Nicholas Polumbo

Massachusetts College of Art
Boston, MA

Course of Study: Multi Media

“I am so grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship. In the fall I will be continuing my studies in the Studio for Inter-related Media at Mass Art. I look forward to continuing my streak of 4.0’s in my academic classes and finding my place in the art world as a cancer survivor.

The Patient Advocate Foundation has made a world of difference in my life by assisting me in my quest to become the artist I seek to be and arming me with skills to continue to help make the world a more beautiful place.“

Richard Suarez

Rowan University

Course of Study: Biology (Pre-Med)

“PAF gave me an unbelievable scholarship, but it is the financial burden that this scholarship lifted and what PAF brought with that scholarship that catapulted me forward. They brought a family, people who cared about me as a person and wanted to know how I was doing. They took away the stress that would have hindered my memory on my organic chemistry finals, the stress that would have hindered my recovery from my surgeries, and the stress that would have kept me from staying positive throughout it all. PAF played a bigger part in all of that then I think they will ever know.”

Coreyonna Welch

University of West Georgia

Course of Study: Nursing

“My goals throughout my academic career are basically to maintain A’s and stay focused.

One of the many benefits of receiving a scholarship from the Patient Advocate Foundation is that I am attending the college of my choice. I am honored because people do care about cancer survivors and those that have battled cancer. In the beginning, I didn’t know where the money was going to come from and now I am grateful to be one of the many recipients of the scholarship.

My course of study is nursing. I want to help others just like the nurses who helped me.” 

Sierra Williams

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Course of Study: Music & Animation

“My goals throughout college are to double major in theater production and computer animation. I plan to maintain a high GPA. I also hope to continue to be in many extracurricular activities, such as: plays, choral groups, and community service groups.

My family is not a wealthy one. My dad works everyday as a Painting Contractor to pay our bills. He has always tried to give me everything that I have ever wanted or needed, however, college is simply too expensive for him to even try. Without this scholarship I would not be able to afford college. I would be forced to take out loans that are almost impossible to pay back. To me, this scholarship is the thing that is helping me achieve my future goals. It is what will help me achieve my career goals. I am very thankful to the scholarship committee for choosing me as a recipient. I know that I will do my best to represent you well.“

Alexandra Xifaras

Suffolk University: Boston, MA

Course of Study: Psychology

”Throughout my academic career I plan to challenge myself to new lengths. This fall I have set some short-term goals including; learning to pay closer attention and listen actively in class, I will also get involved and participate more during classes. Outside of the classroom I will strive to work even harder, I will stay organized, turn my assignments in on time, and always put forth my best effort. My long-term goal is to graduate college with my masters degree in psychology and then to continue my education and become a nurse practitioner.

I was very happy to learn I had been selected as one of the recipients of the Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarship. I am beyond grateful to have been chosen. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to go to college.”