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We are pleased to announce the the recipients of our patient scholarships for the 2006-2007 academic year:

The Cheryl Grimmel Award
Eric Holland
Edmond, Oklahoma
Photo of Eric Holland
The Monica Bailes Award
Benton Brown
Cedar Hill, Texas
Robin L. Prachel Award
Dylan Feierabend
Photo of Dylan Feierabend

Karen Condon Reeder Award
Nicholas Harper
Photo of Nick Harper
GlaxoSmithKline Scholarship
Kendra Smith
Orchard Park, New York
Aventis Pharmaceutical Scholarship
Drew Fisher
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Pfizer, Inc.

Suzanne Day
Whitney Point, New York
Photo of Suzanne Day
Scholarship Winner
Andrew Boggess
Temperance, MI
Photo of Andrew Boggess
Scholarship Winner
Zazel-Chavah O'Garra
St. Albains, NY
Photo of Zazel-Chavah O'Garra
These scholarships are named in honor of PAF's sustaining Partners in Progress who offer outstanding support to patients through their national caregiver and indigent drug programs.

Congratulations to all of our recipients!!