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Media Summary 2012

Patient Advocate Foundation has been featured in many publications and news articles over the years. Below is a summary of where we have appeared...

PAF Media Report
January 2012

Get More From a Second Opinion
Money Magazine
By Anne C. Lee
January/February 2012

This article provides information on how to make each doctor’s visit worth your time and money. Steps include: (1) Check your coverage, (2) Find the right doctor, and (3) Get your papers in order. PAF’s Erin Moaratty is quoted in the Check your coverage section: “If your insurer won’t pay, appeal with a letter from your doctor that addresses the specific reason for the denial.”

More hit with fees for doctor's extra phone calls, filings.
The practice is growing, partly because of tasks demanded by the insurance companies.
By Lisa Zamosky, Special to Tribune Newspapers
Orlando Sentinel
January 10, 2012
Link not available
This article covers information about why charging for administrative services isn't yet widely common. Reasons include: the bad economy, a downward trend in physician reimbursement and a growing list of administrative tasks heaped onto physician practices by insurance companies. The article provides information about PAF and quotes Nancy Davenport-Ennis, “Five years ago, if a patient needed assistance obtaining pre-authorization from an insurance company for medical care, the doctor's office could just pick up the phone and get it approved, explains Nancy Davenport-Ennis, chief executive and founder of Patient Advocate Foundation, a national nonprofit based in Hampton, Va. The same process today could require multiple letters with supporting documentation and multiple telephone conversations.”
  • Also printed in Baltimore Sun on January 5, 2012. Link not available
  • Also posted on Fight Back blog:

Health Literacy Out Loud #71: Talking About Medical Debt
Health Literacy Out Loud
January 11, 2012

The above comes from Health Literacy Out Loud, a podcast explaining why health literacy matters and teaching practical ways to help. This specific podcast covers medical debt and features Erin Moaratty and information about PAF and its programs.

Amgen Tour Hosting Courageous Rider Jersey Design Contest
Prevent Cancer
Posted by Meghan Keane, Public Affairs, Policy & Advocacy Associate
January 11th, 2012

This comes from Prevent Cancer blog and shares information about this year’s Breakaway from Cancer/Amgen Tour of California. Specifically, this focuses on the rider jersey design contest, but at the end, it lists collaborative partners, including PAF.

Bursting at the seams
Dead Man Skipping blog
January 11, 2012

This article comes from a blog titled “Dead Man Skipping” which is written by a breast cancer patient. In her blog posted on January 11th, she has just learned that she qualifies for help from PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Program! She states: “Little did I know that I was about to receive some fabulous news. It seems that because of my diagnosis, I qualify for something called Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief. What?!! Are you serious?!! This means that not only do I not have to pay any of my co-pays for the entire year of 2012, but my deductible and out of pocket expenses will be taken care of, too!! I can hardly sit still for the excitement is bubbling up within me and threatening to explode! Who knew such a thing existed?”

Why It's Hard to Stick With Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
Many factors lead patients to noncompliance
MSN Health
By Amanda Gardner
January 23, 2012

This article from MSN Health reports on the difficulties and costs to treat rheumatoid arthritis. “While the payoff can be huge — preventing or at least slowing down potentially disabling joint destruction — it's still hard for patients to stick with the treatment, whether it's pills, self-administered injections, or three-hour-long infusions given in a doctor's office.” The article does focus heavily on the cost and lists PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Program as a resource “that helps people with RA cover their co-payments and other medical expenses.”

Health 411: Lab fee differences; dental implant coverage
Los Angeles Times
By Lisa Zamosky
January 30, 2012

This article from Los Angeles Times covers a Q&A about lab fees and dental coverage. Regarding differences in lab fees throughout a coverage network, Erin Moaratty from PAF is quoted, “You can challenge the charges if you have a printout of the book with the lab listed as in-network, says Erin Moaratty, chief of external communications with the Patient Advocate Foundation, a national nonprofit based in Hampton, Va. But you'll have a slim chance of winning the fight, because there are messages posted throughout such books saying you have to verify the information. The onus is on you to make sure the information is up to date.”