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Remember Your Loved Ones or Honor Someone Through a Donation to PAF

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Honor the memory of a loved one or honor a family member, colleague, or friend by making a donation to PAF in his or her name. We will send a letter to the honoree or the family of the memorial designee to notify them of your donation.

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Listed below are those who were honored or remembered by loved ones, family, friends and colleagues from January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011.

In Honor Of
In Honor of Nancy Davenport-Ennis
    NCCN's Biosimilars Policy Summit
In Honor of Clayton Keenan
    Tandy Keenan
In Honor and Celebration of Janet and Henry Moses' 50th Anniversary
    Margo Collins
In Honor of Lyle and Jane Nash
    Scott Williams
In Honor of Gayle Petrick
    Gary Parker
In Honor of Marc Ringel
    Jack Ringel
In Honor of Anne Sneed
    Gary J. Jaburg
In Honor of the Salomon Family
    Nannette Johnson
In Honor of the Stanger Family
    Laura Wagman
In Honor of Russ Stewart
    Mindwave Research Inc.
In Honor of Gerald and Joan VanDeusen
    Adam VanDeusen

In Memory Of
In Memory of Esther Anderson
    Roy H. Lasris and Associates, P.C.
In Memory of Martha June Andrews
    Carl E. Andrews
    Eugene and Rose Ann Casagrande
    John and Janice Davis
    Dr. and Mrs. George Deeb
In Memory of Alvester Bell, Jr.
    Globe Iron Construction Company, Inc.
In Memory of Patricia Brennan
    Claire and Sean Coleman
    Susan B. Fenelli
    Ann Harrington
    Lynn Wray
In Memory of Anne Brosman
    James McMahon
In Memory of May Domangue
    Elizabeth Harty
    William Harty
In Memory of Curtis Gray
    Sheri Lowney
In Memory of Charlene Harvey
    Cathe Anderson
    Cluster III Quarterdeck Owners
    Tanya Cronmiller
    Rita Diplacido
    Richard D'Orazio
    Sharron Reed
    Rite Aid - New Bern
    Joan Rose
    Joseph Stuhltrager
    Carlo Toscano
    Susan Traylor
    Teresa Westervelt
In Memory of Evelyn Hurt
    William Hurt
In Memory of Robert Allen Karpovich
    Mary Stefanoni
In Memory of Carol Ann Killam
    Philip Dalrymple
    Gloria Dow
    Helen Goodearl
    Charles and Lynda Nelson
    Eleanor Roderick
    Frances Taggart
In Memory of Lawrence
    Mary Huska
In Memory of Liam McNassar
    Kelly and Ian Sayre
In Memory of Cynthia Masukawa
    Michael Masukawa
In Memory of Elizabeth Mengucci
    Cipriani & Werner
    Lisa Thompson
In Memory of Dr. Tracey Schwarze
In Memory of Gina Size
    Gail Size
In Memory of Bob Stocks
    Roy H. Lasris and Associates, P.C.