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New disease fund for Castrate Resistant Prostrate Cancer patients opens within Co-Pay Relief

Patient Advocate Foundation Announces New Co-Pay Relief (CPR) Offerings for Patients Facing Castrate Resistant Prostrate Cancer
This new CPR Silo for Prostate Cancer Patients Will Provide Financial Assistance to Qualified Patients

HAMPTON, VA (February 4, 2013) - Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) announced today its formation of a new Castrate Resistant Prostrate Cancer Silo within its Co-Pay Relief (CPR) program. This new CPR program silo will provide financial support for pharmaceutical co-payments to insured patients who are facing advanced prostate cancer that is no longer controlled by hormone-blocking drugs. “Management of Castration Resistant Prostrate Cancer is extremely challenging for providers as the patient no longer responds to common therapies. It is in these cases that a patient’s survival can be jeopardized if unable to access needed pharmaceutical treatment and therapies,” said Nancy Davenport-Ennis, founder and CEO of PAF. “We are grateful for the financial contribution which allows us to expand our Co-Pay Relief Program to provide financial support to patients in need ensuring access to the treatments that can restore balance to their health and markedly improve their quality of life.”

Since PAF’s Co-Pay Relief program was founded in 2004, it has provided more than $180 million in financial assistance to more than 86,000 patients who would have been otherwise unable to afford their pharmaceutical co-payments. The program provides this support to insured patients, including those covered by Medicare Part D, who financially and medically qualify.

For more information about PAF’s Co-Pay Relief program, visit or call 866-512-3861.