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Newly published User’s Guide Helps Patients Understand How They Can Benefit from Health Insurance Marketplaces Beginning Oct 1st

Patient Advocate Foundation and National Patient Advocate Foundation
Collaborate on the User’s Guide To Health Insurance Marketplaces

Hampton, VA – The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) and the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), the nation’s leading patient advocacy organizations, have collaborated with and developed a comprehensive user’s guide to help consumers access insurance products in the forthcoming Health Insurance Marketplaces, also known as Exchanges. The release is in advance of open enrollment, to begin October 1, 2013, with plan coverage beginning January 1, 2014.

“Come October, health care consumers will gain access to a new array of coverage possibilities and as advocates for patients across the United States, we are proud to present and distribute the 2013 Health Reform and You, User’s Guide to Health Insurance Marketplaces, “ said Alan Balch, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of PAF and NPAF. “Health Reform and You is an easy-to-read informational booklet designed to assist patients and consumers in understanding the changes and opportunities taking place in health care insurance for Americans.”

Available in hard copy and online, the 2013 Health Reform and You User’s Guide to Health Insurance Marketplaces is accessible by calling 1 (866) 207-8023 or at In addition, patients can view PAF’s healthcare reform section of the website for even more information related to the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

“PAF and NPAF are taking the lead on distributing the User’s Guide to stakeholders across the country to ensure this vital information reaches patients and consumers who will need direction and guidance as they embark on a new way to access health care coverage,” added Nancy Davenport- Ennis, founder and Chairman of the Board of both PAF and NPAF. “PAF and NPAF are pleased to continue our mission to help every American in their quest for affordable health care. “

The 2013 Health Reform and You User’s Guide introduces consumers to health insurance basics and new opportunities in easy to understand language, beginning with an introduction to what health insurance is, its necessity and options for procurement. The publication then introduces health insurance marketplaces as a new method for obtaining health coverage, helps consumers learn how to determine what coverage is appropriate for them and familiarizes the reader with assistance opportunities for those who cannot afford health insurance. The publication also addresses certain common questions and special circumstances that consumers may have, including what happens to a consumer’s coverage if they move to another state, miss the enrollment period, and other scenarios.

The inaugural distribution of this publication began in June 2013, and continues to date with recent content updates related to newly released marketplace specifics.