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Media Summary 2005


Nov. 2005: PAF is Featured in the November 2005 Issue of Real Simple. "The Best Laid Plans: Is Your Health Insurance Meeting Your Needs?" written by Leah Hennen details the steps one should follow when searching for health insurance including specific questions you should ask health insurance companies about their coverage.
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Real Simple
Oct. 2005: PAF is Featured in the October 24th 2005 Issue of Business Week. "You're Guide to the Medical Maze, Advocates can help with research, cutting red tape, and making decisions" by Anne Tergesen, cites how PAF assists patients in the understanding of their insurance policies as well as assist with resolving insurance issues.
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Business Week

Oct. 2005: PAF is Featured in the October 2005 Issue of All You. "Win a Fight With Your Insurance Company: get the money you deserve with ideas of women who pushed back" follows a patient, assisted by one of PAF's case managers, who fought insurance companies via appeals for a medical procedure previously denied to her.
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All You

Oct. 2005: PAF is Featured in the October 13th article in the Daily Press. "Gulf cancer patients reunited with therapy," an article written by Alison Freehling, shows how PAF is assisting patients affected by Katrina with getting and continuing their treatments.
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Jul. 2005: PAF is Featured in the July 2005 Issue of the Ladies Home Journal. Nancy Davenport-Ennis, CEO of PAF, as well as a patient we served, was interviewed for the story "The Health Gamble More Families are Taking" written by Linda Marsa. The 8 page story details specific families and their struggle to pay for health insurance.
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Ladies Home Journal