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Media Summary 2007

Patient Advocate Foundation has been featured in many publications and news articles over the years. Below is a summary of where we have appeared...


December 2007:The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Cancer Survivorship "Practical Tips for Managing Your Financial & Insurance Issues" is a Question and Answer session to assist cancer patients with financial tips.

Practical Tips for Managing Your Finances and Insurance 2

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October 2007: Nancy Davenport-Ennis, Co-Founder and CEO of PAF, addresses insurance denials and appeals on WRC-TV (NBC 4 Evening News) in New York. These segments were also aired by other affiliates including Washington, DC.

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Ladies Home Journal
October 2007: Ladies Home Journal article "The Cost of Breast-Cancer Care Lifesaving Tests Survivors' Stories of Hope" written by Linda Marsh features a patient of the Patient Advocate Foundation's Co-Pay Relief program.
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September 2007: US News and World Report article features Nancy Davenport-Ennis, CEO and Co-Founder, Patient Advocate Foundation. The article written by Michelle Andrews titled "Insured but Not Covered For cancer patients, benefit limits can make for hefty bills" speaks on the growing underinsured population in America.
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Women & Cancer
Fall 2007: Women & Cancer features an article written by Connie Slayton with Beth Darnley, Chief Program Officer, and Mary Giguere, all of Patient Advocate Foundation. The article titled "Are You a Caregiver of a Young Patient? If so, help is available" reaches out to those who have dedicated their time to care for others in need. It specifically addresses the obstacles parents can go through when caring for a young patient and also includes a Step-by-Step Guide to assist caregivers.
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July 2007: Nancy Davenport-Ennis was interviewed by CNN, July 22.

July 2007: Nancy Davenport-Ennis is featured on in the article "Don't Fight Alone, A patient advocate may be just what you need to help make sense of your health care issues" by Einav Keet. Nancy Davenport-Ennis, CEO and Co-Founder of PAF, offers advice and speaks on the assistance PAF can give patients with regards to insurance questions.
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Summer 2007: INSIGHT, News and Views from CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, includes an article outlining who PAF is and how PAF assists patients.
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June 2007: Women's Health, Virginia's Federation of Republican Women, published an article written by Beth Darnley, Chief Program Officer of PAF, and Mary Giguere, Director of PAF's Colorectal Careline, titled The Colorectal Careline, Providing Comprehensive Service to Patients in Times of Crisis. The article outlines the Colorectal Careline program and how it assists patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
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Spring 2007: Coping Magazine features PAF's Colorectal Careline in their Guide to Colorectal Cancer Treatment. The guide ends with an advertisement featuring the Colorectal Careline program.
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Women and Cancer
Spring 2007: Women and Cancer Magazine published an article titled What is a Health savings Account? written by Beth Darnley, Chief Program Officer, Donna Sternberg, RN, OCN, Vice President of Patient Services, with Nancy Davenport-Ennis, Co-Founder and CEO of PAF.
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