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PAF Media Headlines 2009


November 23, 2009 Nancy Davenport-Ennis was interviewed last Friday with CBS news regarding the new cervical cancer screening testing guidelines, 28 CBS affiliates picked up the story. Below is a clip of the

CBS News in Los Angeles:


November 5, 2009 PAF case manager Margie and patient Theresa Rattei were the focus of the AARP Magazine article "The Health Claim Game" written by Caroline E. Mayer for the November & December 2009 edition.
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October 9, 2009 MarketWatch article "Your health or your house: Patient advocates detail what health reform should deliver" features PAF patient Judith Hodges and PAF CEO and Co-founder Nancy Davenport-Ennis.
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September 12, 2009 Patient Advocate Foundation is featured in the New York Times article "After a Diagnosis, Someone to Help Point the Way" written by Leslie Alderman.
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July 17, 2009 Barbara Ciara from CBS news affiliate WTKR interviewed patient Joan Blalock, case managers Jamilla Williams and Margie Griffin, and Nancy Davenport Ennis. The 3 minute segment aired last night on the 6:00PM news on Channel 3 as the "Taking Action" segment.
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June 2009 PAF Patient Priscilla Minter was interviewed on June 24th, 2009 on CNN. Priscilla Minter has colon cancer and speaks her medical expenses.
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AARP Magazine
May/June 2009: PAF Case Managers contributed to the AARP Magazine side bar titled "Can You Afford to Travel?" written by Alissa Ponchlone. By assisting patients with their needs for treatment, PAF Patient Services has answered many questions focused on travel expenses during treatment.
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Stroke Connection
May/June 2009: Patients of PAF are the focus of the article "A Light Through the Fog" written by Jon Caswell. The article outlines the stories of two stroke patients that were guided by the case managers of PAF. View article

Insight Newsletter
Spring 2009: The PAF Patient Data Analysis Report was referenced in the Spring 2009 Volume of INSIGHT, a newsletter published by the CDC. View article

NC Medical Journal
March/April 2009: Edward G. Connette, JD, Executive Board Preident of PAF and NPAF, wrote the article "Legal Advocacy for Health Care and Health Insurance Issues" for the March/April 2009 edition of the North Carolina Medical Journal. The article speaks to the need for health care reform to include a resolution for the vast numbers of uninsured and underinsured. View article