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Media Summary 2011 (1st Half)

Patient Advocate Foundation has been featured in many publications and news articles over the years. Below is a summary of where we have appeared...

PAF Media Report
June 2011

Free Legal Assistance for Survivors
Cancer and Careers blog
by Alice McKenney
June 6, 2011


This blog covers information about free assistance for cancer patients/survivors and lists PAF as a resource that “provides information on the safeguarding of patients' rights in order to assure access to health care, maintenance of employment and financial stability.”

Even insured consumers can get caught in fights over paying ambulance bills
Washington Post
By Michelle Andrews
June 13, 2011


This article placed in Washington Post is from Kaiser Health News and discusses extra charges for out-of-network ambulance rides. The article lists PAF as a resource (including the website) for such charges and quotes Erin Moaratty, “If it's a true emergent situation, even if the provider is out of network, we can negotiate with the insurer to pay an in-network rate.”

Out-Of-Network Ambulance Rides Can Bring Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
Kaiser Health News
by Michelle Andrews
June 14, 2011


Same as article listed above in Washington Post

June 14, 2011 - This article was also placed in Gant Daily, a web-based news agency serving the Central Pennsylvania region: http://gantdaily.com/2011/06/14/out-of-network-ambulance-rides-can-bring-out-of-pocket-expenses/

An Air Ambulance Trip Can Leave You With A Sky-High Bill
Vermont Public Radio
Kaiser Health News article from Michelle Andrews
June 14, 2011


This article is a reprint of the Kaiser Health News article, but focuses more on PAF at the beginning of the article and quotes both Erin Moaratty and Tanya Walker. The article states that “PAF provides free assistance in appealing insurance claims denials and other claims problems, including air ambulance claims.”

June 14, 2011 – This article was placed in All Headline News:

June 15, 2011 - This article was also placed in Los Angeles Times:

Some people who call 911 feel they've been taken for a ride
South Coast Today
Kaiser Health News article from Michelle Andrews
June 16, 2011


This article is a reprint of the Kaiser Health News article, but includes information about BCBS of Massachusetts. It also includes information about PAF and quotes Erin Moaratty.

Appealing An Insurer's Denial Is Often A Good Strategy
Kaiser Health News
by Michelle Andrews
June 20, 2011


This article from Kaiser Health News reports that it may be in a patient’s best interest to appeal an insurance denial. The article also reports on the recent GAO report which found that more claims problems stemmed from annoying but often straightforward billing and eligibility issues than from disagreements over whether care was medically appropriate. The article states that “Under the 2010 health law, the situation should improve. Health plans will be required to inform members that they can appeal disputed claims internally within the health plan as well as to an independent review organization not affiliated with the health plan. The new rules become effective in July.” PAF is listed in the article and Nancy Davenport-Ennis is quoted.

June 21, 2011 - This article was also published in Gant Daily:

Fighting to get a health claim reimbursed
Washington Post
Kaiser Health News article from Michelle Andrews
June 20, 2011


This is the same article as mentioned above from Kaiser Health News, but under a different title.

Appealing health insurance denials often works
Tampa Bay Online
Kaiser Health News article from Michelle Andrews
June 22, 2011


This is the same Kaiser Health News article under a different title.

Health insurance claim denied? Appeal, appeal, appeal
Los Angeles Times
Kaiser Health News article from Michelle Andrews
June 23, 2011


This is the same Kaiser Health News article under a different title.

A Patient Advocate Perspective on ACO's
Health Affairs Blog
By Rene Cabral-Daniels
June 29, 2011


This article is from NPAF’s own Rene Cabral-Daniels and covers information about Accountable Care Organizations. She states that for all the dialogue that has occurred with regard to ACO’s, the voice of the patient has been “drowned out.” Cabral-Daniels states that “listening carefully to the patient voice may prevent some challenges American health care policy development has faced in the past.” Cabral-Daniels also covers the challenges regarding the ACO quality metrics, the importance of building on the work of patient advocacy groups, and the fact that meaningful patient participation is crucial for patients and providers.

PAF Media Report
May 2011

How to Get Retiree Health Insurance Before 65
U.S. News & World Report
By Emily Brandon
May 2, 2011


This article from U.S. News & World Report is about retirees who struggle to find affordable health insurance before age 65. Several ways to maintain health coverage until you qualify for Medicare are listed in the article, which include: retiree medical insurance, other forms of group coverage, and a part-time job. Nancy Davenport-Ennis is quoted throughout the article and discusses COBRA coverage, individual insurance plans and high risk pools and pre-existing condition plans.

Washington area appointments and promotions for the week of May 2
Washington Post
May 2, 2011


This article from Washington Post lists the appointment of Gwen Mayes to EVP of Government Affairs with NPAF.

Design Dilemma: The Debate over Using Placebos in Cancer Clinical Trials
NCI Cancer Bulletin
By Eleanor Mayfield
May 3, 2011


This article from NCI Cancer Bulletin about using placebos in cancer clinical trials quotes PAF patient Mary Schwartz, who was diagnosed with stage IV adrenal cancer in 2004 at the age of 35. She has now been cancer free for 6 years after being treated with an investigational chemotherapy regimen in a phase II clinical trial at the NIH Clinical Center. Mary was asked if she would have considered enrolling in a randomized placebo-controlled trial had one been available and offered to her. Absolutely not, she said. “Because of the rarity of my cancer and the almost certainty of fatality, I would not have chosen to participate if there had been a possibility of getting a placebo,” she said. “I would have wanted to know I was getting the investigational treatment.”

How to spot and fight medical billing errors
MintLife.com (blog on Mint.com)
By Rebecca Woodcock
May 4, 2011


This blog from MintLife covers medical billing errors and lists PAF as a resource with professionals on hand to help.

Amgen offers more than competition
Santa Ynez Valley Journal
By Isaiah Brookshire
May 5, 2011


PAF is listed as a partner of AMGEN’s Breakaway from Cancer/Tour of California race in this article.

Local cancer survivor to start Amgen race
Tahoe Daily Tribune
May 14, 2011


PAF is listed as a partner of AMGEN’s Breakaway from Cancer/Tour of California race in this article.

Stage 4 of the Amgen tour starts Wednesday in Livermore
Contra Costa Times
By Jeanine Benca
May 14, 2011


PAF is listed as a partner of AMGEN’s Breakaway from Cancer/Tour of California race in this article.

Patient Advocate Foundation helped 82,963 people in 2010
Richmond Disability Examiner
By Nancy Carey
May 19, 2011


This article from Richmond Disability Examiner explains to readers where to go when they have exhausted all avenues to resolve medical insurance issues. The article goes on to explain PAF, its history, its mission statement, and further information about the Virginia Cares Uninsured Program, a collaborative effort between Patient Advocate Foundation and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The article lists PAF’s website address and phone number.

Breakaway from Cancer event a success in the Village at Northstar
Sierra Sun
May 24, 2011


This article from Sierra Sun calls the Breakaway from Cancer event in the Village at Northstar a “success.” The article goes on to include the four nonprofit organizations – including Patient Advocate Foundation.

PAF Media Report
April 2011

Medicaid cuts will cause great damage
New Jersey News (MyCentralJersey.com)
By Mary Stabile, NPAF State Policy Liaison
April 2, 2011


This letter to the editor in New Jersey News (MyCentralJersey.com) from Mary Stabile, a state policy liaison with NPAF, explains her concern over proposed or potential Medicaid cuts in New Jersey, explains the mission of NPAF and PAF and states that in New Jersey, PAF helped more than 1,500 patients in 2009.

GAO reports yield info you can use
Washington Post article posted in Lansing State Journal
By Michelle Singletary
April 2, 2011


This article in Lansing State Journal is a reprint from the Washington Post article last month that reported on the GAO report about insurance denials. This takes information from the March 16th Associated Press article. The article lists PAF as a resource and provides a link to the website.

Fighting an insurance claim denial can pay off
Associated Press
By Tom Murphy
April 5, 2011

This Associated Press article discusses fighting insurance claims, quotes PAF’s Pat Jolley and gives advice from PAF on “the keys to a successful appeal.”

This article can be viewed in The Seattle Times here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/health/2014688808_apusmoneyhealthclaimrejections.html.

The article has also been placed in many other outlets, including The Florida Times-Union, The Washington Times, CBS MoneyWatch, AARP Online, The News & Observer, Forbes.com, Albany Times-Union, Reading Eagle, The Herald (SC), Press Democrat, The Bellingham Herald, Las Cruces Sun-News, San Jose Mercury News, The Olympian, The Oregonian, York Dispatch, Austin American Statesman, Las Vegas Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, and Macon Telegraph, among others.

PAF: Medicare assistance requests rose 30% in 2010
CMIO — Information, Evidence & Effectiveness in Medicine
April 13, 2011


This article from CMIO reports information from PAF's 2010 Patient Data Analysis Report, including the 30 percent increase in requests for assistance from Medicare beneficiaries in 2010 compared with 2009.

Persistence, additional information can overturn a health-claim rejection
The Boston Globe (Associated Press article)
By Tom Murphy
April 15, 2011


This article reports information from PAF's 2010 Patient Data Analysis Report.

Patient Advocate Foundation reports surge of financially strapped patients
Fierce Healthcare
April 15, 2011


This article from Fierce Healthcare reports information from the April 14 Healthcare Finance News article about the Patient Data Analysis Report's findings.

Advocates can help
Wall Street Journal
By Kristen Gerencher
April 17, 2011


This article from The Wall Street Journal reports on different patient advocate groups that assist patients trying to navigate care and insurance. PAF is mentioned at the end of the article and Erin Moaratty is quoted as saying, “The Patient Advocate Foundation of Hampton, Va., (patientadvocate.org) offers free help to patients with chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illnesses -- such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease -- whether or not they have health insurance.”

PAF Media Report
March 2011

Become an Empowered Patient
Black Enterprise Magazine
By Leslie Royal
March 2011


This article from the February issue of Black Enterprise Magazine and posted online in March tells the reader how to actively manage their healthcare and speak up for their rights when they're ill. Erin Moaratty is quoted extensively throughout the article and information from PAF’s brochure "A Greater Understanding: Second Opinions: Know Your Rights and Options."

Little known health care cost saving strategies
Philly Burbs
March 9, 2011


This post lists various health care cost saving strategies, including information about PAF. The article lists contact information for PAF and states that "PAF helps patients with issues including insurance appeals and patient education. It's co-pay relief program also helps qualified patients with out-of-pocket costs."

Uninsured - or under insured - check out these resources
Philly Burbs
March 9, 2011


This post from PhillyBurbs lists resources for the uninsured and the underinsured, including Patient Advocate Foundation, PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Program and PAF’s Colorectal CareLine.

Need help with insurance copays?
Philly Burbs
March 10, 2011


This article from PhillyBurbs lists resources for assistance with insurance copayments, including PAF and the Co-Pay Relief Program.

Nominate a cancer 'Breakaway' champ
Thousand Oaks Acorn
March 10, 2011


This article calls for Breakaway from Cancer nominations and lists PAF as a partner, along with Prevent Cancer Foundation, Cancer Support Community, and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

Link to Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Program
Living with Multiple Myeloma Blog
March 10, 2011


This blog post is from Living with Multiple Myeloma. The author states that she has received a lot of questions from patients about where to find financial assistance and she shares the link to PAF's Co-Pay Relief program for multiple myeloma patients.

This was also posted on CureTalk on March 10, 2011:

Amgen to recognize cancer "champion"

Ventura County Star
By Jeanne Brown Special to The Star
March 13, 2011


This article from Ventura County Star reports that Amgen is seeking nominations for the Breakaway from Cancer Champion awards. PAF is listed as a partner.

GAO report shows success in health insurer appeals
Associated Press
By Tom Murphy
March 16, 2011


This article from Associated Press is about a recent GAO report stating that as many as 50 percent of some appeals prompt insurers to reverse their decisions. Nancy Davenport-Ennis is quoted throughout the article and information about PAF is provided.

This article was posted on the following news sites:
Washington Examiner, The News Tribune (Washington), Business Week, ABC News, San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC, Federal News Radio, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Silicon Valley Mercury News, San Francisco Examiner, WTOP Radio, Charlotte Observer, Kansas City Star, Philadelphia Inquirer, Ventura County Star, WBOC News Del Marva, Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, Huffington Post, The Street, The Post-Standard (Syracuse), KXXV News Channel 25 Waco, NBC 2 WBBH-TV Fort Myers, KOB News (Albuquerque), News Channel 5 Nashville, KGMB News Hawaii, WCPO Channel 9 News Cincinnati, WLOX ABC 13 Biloxi, Rocket News, and WCPO ABC News Cincinnati, among others.

Denied insurance under new health-care law? File an appeal, GAO says
Washington Post
By Michelle Singletary
March 23, 2011


This article from the Washington Post reports on the GAO report about insurance denials and takes information from the March 16th Associated Press article. The article lists PAF as a resource and provides a link to the website.

Screening a key tool in fight against colorectal cancer
Ashville Citizen Times
March 23, 2011


This article from Asheville Citizen-Times reports on colorectal cancer and the importance of being screened for the disease. The article covers different options for patients and provides contact information for PAF's Colorectal CareLine.

LIVESTRONG Patient Navigation Center has grand opening in East Austin
Washington Post
By Pat Dames
March 27, 2011


This article from Austin Examiner announces the Friday March 25th grand opening of the LIVESTRONG Patient Navigation Center, of which PAF is a supporter.

PAF Media Report

February 2011

Become an Empowered Patient
Black Enterprise Magazine
By Leslie Royal
February 2011

In print only

This article in the February issue of Black Enterprise Magazine tells the reader how to actively manage their healthcare and speak up for their rights when they're ill. Erin Moaratty is quoted extensively throughout the article and information from PAF's brochure "A Greater Understanding: Second Opinions: Know Your Rights and Options."

Say Goodbye to Insurance Paperwork
SmartMoney Magazine
By Catey Hill
February 3, 2011


This article, from SmartMoney, is about a new paid service called “Off Your Desk” that takes the hassle of dealing with health insurance paperwork off your hands for $780 a year. The article also quotes Erin Moaratty and says that PAF has seen a rise in demand for dealing with insurance paperwork, including a 15% increase last year and 102% increase since 2005.

Eliminate Insurance Paperwork—for a Price
Wall Street Journal
By Cristina Lourosa-Ricardo
February 6, 2011


This article, published on The Wall Street Journal’s “Personal Finance” page, is based on the above SmartMoney article from Catey Hill about eliminating insurance paperwork.

Denied care? Go over your insurer's head
Friends With MS blog
By Christy Fisher
February 7, 2011


This blog post on Friends with MS explains how to build an appeal when you are denied care. The article tells the story of Debra Cordell who has MS who appealed her insurer's two denials to the California Department of Managed Health Care. The article references PAF and quotes you saying, “Cases dealing with experimental treatment, which is often defined by the insurer and excluded under contract, are often among the toughest denials to get overturned.”

Virginia Cares Uninsured Program
The News Virginian
By Gina Farthing
February 10, 2011

In print only

This article briefs the reader on Patient Advocate Foundation’s Virginia Cares Uninsured Program, which assists uninsured and underinsured Virginians who have been diagnosed with chronic, debilitating, or life-threatening diseases and who are experiencing access to healthcare and/or financial issues resulting from illness. The article provides statistics for patients assisted in the state of Virginia and provides a link to the VCUP website.

Healthcare Reform: How Will It Affect You?
CancerConnect.com – A Woman’s Health
By Jamilla Williams, Director of Case Managers, PAF
February 24, 2011


This article from Jamilla Williams, PAF’s Director of Case Managers, discusses the new healthcare reform law that is estimated to provide coverage to more than 30 million Americans who currently lack health insurance. Jamilla explains the immediate benefits of PPACA in 2010/2011, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan and additional benefits.

Health Disability Grants & Scholarships
By Valerie Madison
February 27, 2011


This article from eHow lists scholarship opportunities provided from specific associations for different diseases and health conditions. PAF’s Scholarship for Survivors is listed as a resource.

When Emergency Strikes, Will Your Health Care Costs Be Covered?
AOL's WalletPop
By Lise Stevens
February 28, 2011


This article on AOL’s WalletPop, a site for personal finance news and advice on retirement planning, taxes, mortgages, investing and more, discusses the need for emergency care coverage when unexpected injuries occur. PAF is listed as a resource with publications listing state-by-state free programs and other resources for getting charges reduced or dropped altogether.

NPAF Media Report
February 2011

'Death panels' the new SB 1070?

The Arizona Republic
by E. J. Montini (NPAF)


This article from The Arizona Republic references NPAF’s work in Arizona to help the 100 or so patients who need life-saving transplants. It also quotes you and Mark Stephens throughout.

January 2011

If Medicare Drug Coverage Won’t Make It: Tips To Save At The Drug Store
AOMID News: A Premium News Site
By Robert Hensley
January 1, 2011


This blog is about the “donut hole” gap in Medicare coverage and drug plans, and gives the reader advice on ways to get assistance, either through generic brands, state-run programs, or charitable organizations, like PAF/NPAF.

Where are they now? Revisiting 2010's business news
The Virginian-Pilot
By Amy Jeter
January 2, 2011


The Virginian-Pilot revisited with PAF patient Corey Lucas, whom Amy Jeter interviewed earlier in 2010 about pre-existing conditions and high-risk insurance pools, for an end of the year update. Corey’s update was included in the January 2nd Business Section of the paper, and is the second to last update under “High-risk insurance pools are off to slow start.”

Comparative-effectiveness database debuts (NPAF)
Modern Healthcare
By Andis Robeznieks

January 6, 2011

Modern Healthcare posted information about NPAF’s new comparative effectiveness database that compiles research funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Three Cheers for Live Chat For True Patient Advocacy!!!
Patients Are Powerful Blog
January 10, 2011


This blog post, written by a chiropractor, praises PAF for the “live chat” feature on the website, stating that “a one-on-one conversation can ease frustration and clear confusion in all patients who need help…”

Scholarships & Grants for Cancer Patients
by Lindsey Thompson
January 11, 2011


This article from eHow covers scholarships and grants for cancer patients, including a link to PAF’s Scholarship for Survivors.

The AMGEN Tour of California Coming Up on May 15 – 22... Start & Finish in Lake Tahoe This Year
January 18, 2011


This post is an announcement out of Calaveras County, California about the upcoming Amgen Tour of California, of which PAF is a sponsor.

The MDS Beacon: Independent, up-to-date news and information for MDS patients and their families
By Jessica Langholtz
January 21, 2011


This post on MDS Beacon is an announcement about an upcoming webinar from PAF on health insurance policies for MDS patients. The post states that Erin Moaratty will give an overview of coverage rules and the appropriate steps to get MDS-related treatments covered by Medicare or insurance companies.

The Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees
SmartMoney Magazine
By Catey Hill
January 21, 2011


This SmartMoney article about the “best part-time jobs for retirees” mentions PAF and quotes Erin Moaratty discussing ways to land a patient advocacy job.

Turning back the health-care clock
The Washington Post
By Nancy Davenport-Ennis
January 24, 2011


This is a published letter to the editor from CEO and Founder Nancy Davenport-Ennis in response to recent news that 129 million Americans have pre-existing conditions.

Access to Health Care
EmpowHER Blog
By Shannon Koehle
January 25, 2011


This article from the Arthritis Foundation Greater Southwest Chapter was posted on EmpowHER. The article covers ways to access healthcare, healthcare reform and patient advocacy. PAF is listed as a resource for co-pays and advocacy.

Insurance Dropped Over 2-Cent Shortage
CNN Newsroom Broadcast
January 27, 2011

PAF’s Erin Moaratty called in to this broadcast regarding war veteran Robert Flanagan from Denver, CO who lost his health insurance due to a 2 cent shortage on a payment. Erin shared information about PAF and gave viewers more information on how they can proceed when this happens to them.