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Helpful Tools for Feeling Better
Below are some helpful resources that will allow you to assess your situation and take the first step toward feeling better.

All of these tools are available for download as Adobe Portable Document (PDF) Files. If you do not have Acobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free by clicking the icon above.

Could You Be Anemic?
Use this simple quiz to find out if anemia and related fatigue are affecting your life and then discuss the results with your doctor.

Sample CBC Test
It is important for you to be informed about your lab test results. This sample test will help explain your own complete blood count.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Chart
Keep track of your complete blood count results and hemoglobin levels using this simple chart. It helps you notice any changes in your readings. Simply print the chart, enter your test results, and bring the chart to your next doctor's visit. This tool will help you and your doctor identify trends and determine the best course of action.

Energy Calendar
The Monthly Energy Calendar is an easy way for you to track your energy levels each day. Just fill in the dot next to your energy level each day. This makes it simple for you to compare how you feel from one day to the next. There's also an energy-saving tip and room for you to enter your blood test results. Then print your diary pages to take to your doctor to discuss the results.


Office Visit Checklist
Use this handy guide to help you and your doctor assess how you are feeling and talk about the side effects you may be experiencing. Print this checklist and bring it to your next doctor visit.

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