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Patient Advocate Foundation seeks to inform and empower patients allowing them to take control of their healthcare.

Our team of case managers has compiled a list of valuable resources that address several topics that help patients find assistance with medical debt, insurance access, job retention and many other medical related issues.

National UNInsured Resource Directory & Financial Resource
If you are currently without healthcare coverage, this tool will point you in the direction of resources to fit your individual circumstances. This online directory can provide you with a list of resources that address medical debt crisis, financial assistance, charity assistance programs, and job retention related programs.

National UNDERInsured Resource Directory & Financial Resource
A resource uniquely tailored to meet your individual situation encompassing financial resources, disease specific resources, location based services, employment aid and general care resources for patients that are not fully served by their current insurance. This resource also contains a list of sample questions that can be used when speaking to your providers or insurance representatives.

National Financial Resource Directory
This resource aides patients when seeking financial relief for a broad range of needs including housing, utilities, food, transportation to medical treatment, and children's resources. National resources that can help as well as programs in your local area are listed.

Words that Matter – A Patient’s Healthcare Glossary
Critical vocabulary used during enrollment and the usage of health insurance, including deductible, co-payment, network, covered services and excluded services are known to confuse both novice and seasoned patients. In addition, PAF’s own survey data has shown a distinct correlation between the understanding of these words and the ease of enrollment process and also a patient’s ultimate satisfaction of the plan they selected. To reduce this confusion and help patients better understand the jargon they will likely encounter in healthcare, this patient glossary helps patients understand these words with plain language definitions.

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease Resources
Patient Advocate Foundation works alongside a coalition of the best national heart disease and prevention organizations to gather the best resources, tools and expert guidance for patients to ensure access to heart health medical treatments and preventive therapies. Connect with the “Matters of the Heart” resource area to connect with easy to understand resources that address 5 different content areas. Also within the Matters of the Heart, users will have instant access to PAF’s custom Appeals and Denial Chatbot Wizard and the Cardiovascular Resource Directory that allow for 24/7 assistance to the most common issues for patients with heart or cardiovascular disease. Visit

Patient Resources Providing Assistance Following Natural Disasters
During and after a natural disaster or community-wide crisis, accessing needed healthcare can be a challenge for patients faced with chronic, life-threatening or debilitating disease. These resources provide critical and immediate assistance to those patients whose medical care is interrupted by a natural disaster.

Patient Advocate Foundation's Patient Guides
PAF's informational brochures & patient guides, including "A Greater Understanding" pamphlet series, are all written by a team of case managers to provide you with needed information.

Healthcare Reform – Understanding the Affordable Care Act Law
This central source combines news and current discussion surrounding the Affordable Care Act of 2010. This page includes a compilation of national resources and organizations that are experts within the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and references official government sources including and respected nonprofits like Kaiser Family Foundation, InsureUStoday and the National Patient Advocate Foundation.

Patient Programs for Drug Manufacturers
As more patients find themselves struggling to meet the out-of-pocket expenses associated with their medication and pharmaceutical needs, many pharmaceutical manufacturers have set up patient assistance programs that serve as resource centers for patients. The pharmaceutical manufacturer of your prescribed medication is a great place to start when looking for assistance and this page will connect you with many of the major manufactures and their support programs.

Insurance Resources & Clinical Trials Tips

Employment, Job Retention and Disability Related Resources

Support Related Resources

Prevention Related

Resources for Specific Groups
  • Medicare Specific Resources and Senior Services
  • Medicaid Specific Resources
  • Resources for Spanish Speaking Patients
  • Pediatric Related Resources
  • Disease Specific Information & Support

Ongoing Research Initiatives for Volunteers & Community Advocates
National Patient Advocate Foundation maintains working relationships with numerous organizations to provide public input to national research policies that improve the patient experience.

We are constantly adding resources for patients and professionals, and hope that these have helped point you in a direction useful for your situation.