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State Resources (AL - KY)

Social Work Services - 1 (800) 654-1385
Assists patients with familiar problems or drug and alcohol abuse.

Community Information and Referral - 1 (800) 352-3792
Provides a 24-hour help line covering a wide range of topics.

Emergency Services Unit - (501) 682-8932
Coordinates individual assistance programs for victims of a disaster when the Governor or the President of the United States grants a Federal Major Disaster Declaration. Services include: temporary housing programs, emergency food stamps and family grant programs.

PATH - (916) 654-8643
Provides persons who have a mental illness with a variety of programs.
Department of Health - (916) 445-4171
Provides general information on the programs and services that they offer.

Developmental Disability Services - (303) 866-7450
Contracts with the Community Center Board to deliver community based services to persons with developmental disabilities.

Connecticut Dept. of Social Services - 1 (800) 842-1508
Emergency Assistance: Programs in this group include the Federal Individual and Family Grant Program, which is designed to provide financial relief to victims of disaster.

Helpline - 1 (800) 464-4357
Provides information about which state agency to contact for a particular service.

District of Columbia
First Health Hotlines - (202) 842-1508
Delivers health care services safeguarding the public health within the District.
Loss Counseling Center of DC - (202) 342-0124
Family Advocacy and Support - (202) 265-7877

Florida Dept. of Children and Families - (305) 377-5055 or (954) 267-2105

Department of Human Resources - (404) 656-4937
Help with receiving health care, protection and treatment and rehabilitation for disabling conditions.

Careline - 1 (800) 926-2588
Provides free referrals to a broad range of health and statewide human services within your community and around the state.

Community Action Agencies
Assists individuals who have suffered a loss due to a disaster. For more information, contact your local CAA agency.

Family Help Line - 1 (800) 433-0746
Provides quick access to information about various programs and services.

Emergency Assistance - (515) 281-6249
Provides financial assistance to needy children and any other member of the household to meet needs that have been caused by an emergency situation that the family is unable to fulfill.

State Services for Kentuckians - (502) 564-5777
Division of Mental Health