Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) programs and services are fully operational. As the coronavirus spreads across the country, PAF wants to make sure you have answers and resources to support you during this uncertain and stressful time. For resource, FAQ’s and educational webinars addressing the coronavirus pandemic, please visit our COVID Care Resource Center

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Why Your Drug Formulary is Important

Learn what to consider and look for in drug formularies when enrolling in a health insurance plan.
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Metastatic Breast Cancer Guide with Clinical Trials Guide

This guide provides expert advice specifically for metastatic breast cancer patients to address the unique medical and financial challenges they may face.  Learn how to discuss care with providers, treatment options, federal workplace protections as…
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Metastatic Breast Cancer Guide with Clinical Trials Guide (Spanish)

Esta guía proporciona consejos de expertos específicamente para pacientes con cáncer de mama metastásico para abordar los desafíos médicos y financieros únicos que pueden enfrentar. Aprenda cómo analizar la atención con los proveedores, las opciones…
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Metastatic Breast Cancer Guide (Spanish)

Esta guía ofrece asesoramiento especializado a las pacientes con cáncer de mama metastásico para ayudarles a evitar barreras comunes del seguro y la atención y calificarlas para recibir beneficios del gobierno, protecciones en el lugar…
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Drug Formulary Example

Learn how to understand your drug formulary with this drug formulary example.
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Common Roadblocks to Care

Patients often experience common roadblocks in their health care needs, from insurance denials to financial concerns.  Learn how to prevent and deal with the most common insurance-related hurdles including: out of network doctors, medication barriers,…
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Understanding Second Opinions

This brochure addresses questions surrounding second opinions and how to take a proactive approach in the process.
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Family Medical Leave Act-What to Know About This Workplace Protection

Learn what the Family Medical Leave Act is, what it’s designed to protect and common questions surrounding the topic. Do you qualify? Will you get paid? What happens when you return to work? Do you…
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How to Make the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Appointment

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How to Maintain Effective Communication with Your Provider

In this publication, the migraine community can use these tips to keep the lines of communication open with their doctor.
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