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Category Archives: Medication Benefits & Drug Formulary

What’s so Special About a Specialty Pharmacy?

In this article, we discuss how specialty pharmacies work with your insurance company. Specialty pharmacies typically fill medications that are especially complex,

Tips for Better Communication With Your Pharmacist

This printable article describes how pharmacists are well-educated in both prescription and over-the-counter products and are able to help with any medication questions or concerns. Pharmacists work closely with your doctor to give you professional guidance about your health.

How to Read Your Medication Formulary

The formulary should be organized in a way to show members what is covered and how it’s covered

Filing a Formulary Exception

This article informs you if you need a medication that is not on your plan list, that you can formally ask your insurer to cover the medication for you by submitting a “formulary exception” and how to.

Navigating Pre-Authorizations: Medications

This article discusses how to navigate pre-authorizations your insurance company may require for you to access certain medications.

Medication Patient Assistance Programs

Sticker shock is never a fun feeling - especially where your prescriptions are concerned. This article discusses programs you may be eligible for that can help with your medication costs.

Managing Your Pharmacy Locations

This article discusses that all pharmacies are not created equal- the type of medication you are prescribed often dictates the pharmacy location it comes from.

Understanding Drug Tiers

In this article you will learn that one of the biggest healthcare barriers patients hit can be navigating the details of their prescription drug coverage options. If you know that you’ll need prescription drug coverage, it is important to research and choose a plan that covers your medication. Under a healthcare plan, the list of covered prescription drugs is called a formulary. The formulary is usually divided into tiers or levels of coverage based on the type or usage of the medication. Each tier will have a defined out-of-pocket cost that the patient must pay before receiving the drug. During…

Specialty Pharmacies: What Gives?

In this article, you will learn if you have a chronic, rare or long-term illness that requires medication, you may be required to have certain prescriptions filled by a specific pharmacy network or a mail-order prescription program.

Save Money Through Prior-Authorizations

In this article you will learn that your health plan may require you or your medical provider to get a prior authorization or pre-certification before you receive some services.