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My Insurance is Not Paying for My Medications

This article discusses that if your insurance is not paying for your needed medications, you must first find out the exact reason it is being denied.

Negotiating Medical Costs

This article provides tips to help stretch your dollar when receiving medical services. Learn what questions to ask, where to look, and how to shop around to help save on your medical expenses.

Uninsured and Facing an Emergency? Know Your Rights!

This article states that just because you don’t have health insurance does not mean you’re without protection. Know your rights.

Accessing “Experimental” or “New” Care

In this article you will learn that when you enroll in a clinical trial, the trial sponsor is responsible for the services or medications directly related to the trial or that are not considered routine care for your treatment protocol.

Finding Care When Uninsured

As an uninsured patient, this article explains there may be times that you find yourself having difficulty locating appropriate medical treatment at an affordable cost. As you can imagine, health insurance coverage helps balance the costs  making the decision easier on whether and when to receive necessary medical care.  Unfortunately, patients without insurance are more likely to delay or forego preventive and routine medical care which may result in poorer health outcomes.

Dealing with Your Medication Needs when Uninsured

This article explains that being able to consistently take a medication your doctor has prescribed for you is an important part of staying healthy and managing any chronic conditions you have. If you hare having difficulty accessing prescribed medications or supplies, you may find the following action steps helpful.

Getting to Your Medical Appointments

This article explains that many times patients have difficulty managing their basic transportation needs when in the midst of their medical care. Managing frequent appointments to and from facilities for care, procedures, treatments and follow-up, as well as trips to pharmacies and drug stores when gathering at-home supplies, can further strain a patient and their family. It is also not uncommon for patients to have to travel long distances to a treating facility, sometimes requiring an overnight stay and an additional cost of lodging. There are a number of organizations that provide free or reduced cost transportation, specifically for long…

Options for Special Populations

This article discusses undocumented citizens, migrant and seasonal workers face even greater challenges in accessing healthcare since this population often does not qualify for government programs and resources are scarce. The Migrant Clinicians Network and the National Center for Farmworker Health are resources available to help find care locations for eligible members of these groups. The federal Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities manages a farm worker health cooperative which can help locate resources.

Tips for Talking With Your Doctor

This article explains not be embarrassed to discuss personal issues with your doctors. You are a valuable piece of the decision making process and have insight and instincts that even your doctor does not. Your doctor wants the best outcome for you as much as you do, so do not be afraid to ask questions, voice concerns or share information with your provider. Empower yourself to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Do I Qualify For Health Insurance?

This article explains that whether you have been uninsured for a long time or have recently become uninsured, there are multiple options for you to gain access to health insurance. Despite your current or past health condition, it is in your best interest to obtain health insurance coverage if at all possible. Insurance coverage provides easier access to care and you will have more doctors to choose from since many doctors do not treat uninsured patients. In addition, insurance gives you and your family protection against a future unexpected health crisis which could potentially leave you struggling with an exorbitant…