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Starting The Conversation On Costs With Your Doctor

This article explains how sometimes even with insurance, the costs associated with healthcare can be more than you expect or budget for.

Tips for Better Communication With Your Pharmacist

This printable article describes how pharmacists are well-educated in both prescription and over-the-counter products and are able to help with any medication questions or concerns. Pharmacists work closely with your doctor to give you professional guidance about your health.

EOB vs Medical Bill, What’s the Difference?

This article describes the differences between the EOB from your insurance company and the medical bill from a medical facility.

Personalized Medicine: A New Trend in Treatment

This article discusses that genetic testing and personalized medicine are rapidly evolving and becoming the future of medical treatment. Genetic testing not only helps identify an individual’s risk for developing a certain disease or condition, but it also provides information on how best to treat a condition.

The Doctor I Need Is Out of My Network

In this article you will learn if you need care that is unavailable within your provider network, contact your insurance plan to learn what your options are and how to request prior approval to see an out-of-network provider.

The HIPAA Law and What it Means to You

This article informs you that The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains provisions protecting your health information, as well as who has access to your records. If you can look at medical information and can’t tell who the person is, then it is considered “protected health information”.

Something Isn’t Right

This article discusses that when it comes to your health, you are the primary authority on your body and future care.

Tips for Talking With Your Doctor

This article explains not be embarrassed to discuss personal issues with your doctors. You are a valuable piece of the decision making process and have insight and instincts that even your doctor does not. Your doctor wants the best outcome for you as much as you do, so do not be afraid to ask questions, voice concerns or share information with your provider. Empower yourself to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Should I get a Second Opinion?

This article discusses what to look for if you're interested in obtaining a second opinion as well as common fears patients may have in the process.  Today, a second opinion is very common and encouraged by doctors.  

Video: Getting Along with Your Doctor

This 1:11 minute video discusses your relationship with your doctor and providers, and what to do when you desire to change to a different provider.