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Starting The Conversation On Costs With Your Doctor

This article explains how sometimes even with insurance, the costs associated with healthcare can be more than you expect or budget for.

Negotiating Medical Costs

This article provides tips to help stretch your dollar when receiving medical services. Learn what questions to ask, where to look, and how to shop around to help save on your medical expenses.

Uninsured and Facing an Emergency? Know Your Rights!

This article states that just because you don’t have health insurance does not mean you’re without protection. Know your rights.

Six of the Best Health Insurance Money Saving Tips

This article informs you that health insurance can save you a lot of money when it comes to medical costs, but what do you do when it's just not enough? Here are some tips to help you maximize your coverage:

Medication-Related Barriers

This article discusses that medications can be a large financial barrier for patients, especially if dealing with a chronic or life-threatening condition. To protect yourself, when prescribed a medication, compare the medication to your insurance plan’s drug formulary to ensure the medication is on the approved covered list, and that you are aware of the out-of-pocket costs that need to be paid in order to receive the prescription.

Being Prepared for Costs

This article informs you that as a good consumer, it is important to become familiar with the cost-sharing and out-of-pocket amounts agreed upon in your plan language for each type of medical services, including routine care, specialty care, emergency care, and prescription drugs.

Addressing Financial Challenges

This article discusses that medical bills and out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly. If you have an outstanding bill, take time to speak with the billing representative or financial counselor from each provider’s office. These people are a great source of information about eligibility for affordable payment plans, prompt-pay discounts, or other financial assistance given by that provider.

Tips to Avoid Your Medical Bills from Hitting Collections

This article explains if you’ve been sick, chances are you’ve received an influx of medical bills. Use these tips to help prevent those bills from getting to collections. Read More

Exploring New Options: Navigating the World of Clinical Trials

This article describes that Clinical Trials present themselves as an affordable option for patients looking to explore alternative treatment options. Here’s all you need to know about the ins and outs of clinical trials.

Paying Attention to Medical Documents Can Save You Money

This article describes that if you’ve been making frequent trips to your doctor's office or the hospital, chances are you’ve seen a recent onslaught of medical invoices and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) begin to flood your mailbox. Although it may seem overwhelming, it’s important that you open, read, understand and store you medical bills in an easy-to-access place. If you start off organized, it’s easier to reference medical papers should there be any discrepancies.