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Identifying the Right Policy Among a Sea of Options

Choosing insurance coverage is a big decision that can impact your family’s health and financial situation for the year. Before selecting a health plan for your family, it’s critical you know and can anticipate your family’s healthcare needs. Knowing things like your family history, potential risk factors, and preferred doctors are all important factors that […]

Making Sense of the Different Types of Plan Structures

This article discusses five types of insurance plans to help you better understand them. Knowing how each is structured will help you choose the right plan for you or your family.

The Most Common Means to Gain Health Insurance

This article discusses the most common places to obtain health insurance.

Many Ways to Gain Health Insurance

This article briefly describes several sources of health insurance that a person might look to when obtaining coverage.

Things to Consider When Changing Your Health Plan

This article discusses that there are many life events that cause people to switch their healthcare coverage. No matter the reason, it’s always a good idea to pay close attention to the details of a new plan when changing your insurance policy. It is especially critical if you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, as the cost implications can be staggering.

Health Insurance Glossary

This article provides a list of health terms that are important to know as you navigate the healthcare insurance industry, you may run into terms that are confusing but important to know.

Mark Your Calendar: Open Enrollment is Coming

This article explains what the open enrollment period means and the effects if you delay or miss this period.

Differences in Insurance Plans Can Impact Your Health Care Concerns

This article discusses what to look at in an insurance plan as the difference can financially and medically impact your health care needs.

How to Compare Insurance With More Coverage

This article provides information on important things to consider if you are looking for a health plan with more coverage.

Choosing Wisely During Medicare Open Enrollment

Offers some useful tips to remember when the Medicare Open Enrollment Period comes around and it's time to select a new insurance plan.