Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) programs and services are fully operational. As the coronavirus spreads across the country, PAF wants to make sure you have answers and resources to support you during this uncertain and stressful time. For resource, FAQ’s and educational webinars addressing the coronavirus pandemic, please visit our COVID Care Resource Center

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Category Archives: Understanding Health Insurance

Understanding Drug Tiers

In this article you will learn that one of the biggest healthcare barriers patients hit can be navigating the details of their prescription drug coverage options. If you know that you’ll need prescription drug coverage, it is important to research and choose a plan that covers your medication. Under a healthcare plan, the list of covered prescription drugs is called a formulary. The formulary is usually divided into tiers or levels of coverage based on the type or usage of the medication. Each tier will have a defined out-of-pocket cost that the patient must pay before receiving the drug. During…

Words that Impact Your Bill

In this article, learn that medical billing can be overwhelming and daunting. But if you become familiar with some important language that impacts your bill, it can ensure you can catch any issues that may present on your medical bills.

Out-of-Network Costs and How to Handle Them

This article explains that as health insurance plans change and options vary, the same holds true for providers and health care facilities. Although there may be more treatment alternatives for patients available now, that doesn’t necessarily translate into more treatments covered. Because out-of-network costs add up quickly, it is important you become familiar with your plan and whether your health care provider is in your network.

What Does an EOB Statement Look Like?

This article explains that EOB formatting will vary from insurance company; however all EOBs should contain the following information. Each section of this sample EOB corresponds to the following explanations. Enrollee Name and Policy Number: Identifies the policyholder.

Video: Words to Know

This 2 minute video discusses key vocabulary related to your insurance plan. Words discussed in this video include Provider, Primary Care Provider, Specialist, Network, Out-Of-Network, Deductible, Co-Insurance, and Co-Payment.

Video: Where to Go for Care

This 1:14 min video discusses reasons why you should visit your primary care provider for non-life-threatening conditions to make the most of your coverage benefits.