Common Barriers – Affordability

Healthcare can be costly. Even with insurance, most of us can have a tough time affording our share of the costs, especially if we were not aware or planning for these expenses.

Health insurance is not designed to cover 100% of all of the care we need to remain healthy. Just like with any other type of insurance, like car or home insurance, there are going to be items that are not covered within the plan and other items that we must pay a deductible when we use.

Unlike other consumer insurance options, when it comes to health insurance, when we are facing a serious medical event it means we will be engaging with our health insurance benefits numerous times over a plan year. Therefor our share of the costs can add up quickly and monopolize your home budget expenses, creating havoc to your financial stability.

Your insurance is there to protect you from the full cost of healthcare costs. PAF is here to share techniques and strategies you can use that will help you make things more affordable.