Where Can I Get a Copy of My Drug Formulary?

When you coverage beings, you can go to your health insurance plan’s website and view your formulary there. Insurers have a requirement to make this information available during open enrollment as well, so you can also view a copy during your plan decision process.

The online drug formulary will be the most current version available to you and is updated immediately when changes occur mid-year. Most health insurance websites will either have the drug formulary listed in a way that you can easily find, or will have a search bar where you can type in “drug formulary” or “drug list” to find your formulary. Be sure that you are looking at the formulary that matches your specific plan, not just from the insurance company as they frequently offer many different plans to customers.

If using the electronic version, consider bookmarking or saving the location so you can quickly reference in the future. If you have it on your phone or mobile device you can access it with your doctor during a visit where medications are discussed.

These documents can be quite lengthy, so you can also call the number listed on your health insurance ID card and request a printed copy of your formulary. Keep in mind that a printed drug formulary will not reflect any changes that can happen during the year.

Many insurer websites have an area where you can request alerts or notices when the formulary is updated. If you aren’t able to subscribe to these updates, they will have a page identified where they post all changes so you can review during the year.

It is important to keep up-to-date on your formulary as it may change at any time.

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