Options for Special Populations

For those that fall under special circumstances, there are specific resources geared to help.

Undocumented citizens, migrant and seasonal workers face even greater challenges in accessing healthcare since this population often does not qualify for government programs and resources are scarce. The Migrant Clinicians Network and the National Center for Farmworker Health are resources available to help find care locations for eligible members of these groups. The federal Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities manages a farm worker health cooperative which can help locate resources.

It is worth checking whether your local health center and free clinic will serve undocumented patients. Areas with high specialty populations will frequently have local programs geared towards helping these patients. Charity care does exist for this population, however, only in limited sectors of the country, and in most times at the discretion of the provider. Make sure to speak with the doctor’s billing office or the patient accounts department of the hospital to inquire about charity care and payment plans.

International citizens who are legal permanent residents of the U.S., qualified aliens, short time visa holders or those with eligible immigration status who are having difficulty accessing healthcare should contact clinics and facilities to inquire about charity care, prompt pay discounts, and payment plans. You can also apply for Emergency Medicaid through your local Social Services office, or contact your local embassy.

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