I Cannot Afford Monthly Premiums

Health insurance premiums generally make up a big part of your annual healthcare costs. You may qualify for financial assistance for help paying for a marketplace plan if you meet either of these 2 conditions:

1) If you make between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines and enroll in a marketplace plan in your state, you may qualify for assistance with your premium called a Premium Tax Credit. If you qualify, the government pays an amount toward your premium directly to the insurer on your behalf. This can help you afford health insurance and can be used right away to lower your monthly premiums. You can also choose to have the amount credited to you when you file your federal income taxes.

If your annual income is at or below 250 percent of the FPL guidelines, you may qualify for a reduction in your out-of-pocket costs associated with your insurance plan, including your deductible, co-payments and co-insurance. This assistance, called Reduced Cost Sharing, is meant to ensure that it is affordable to use your plan benefits at the time when you need care.

FAST FACT: You can get quick premium estimates before you complete an application on the HealthCare.gov website. Go to https://www.healthcare.gov/find-premium-estimates/.

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