Resource: Cancer Insurance Checklist

Cancer Insurance Checklist

This useful guide is published in conjunction with a number of patient focused nonprofit organizations. It was created to help you find a plan that will meet your health needs and budget with easy-to-understand worksheets, even if you do not have a cancer diagnosis.

Section 1 helps you list your regular care doctors, hospitals, and medicines, and checks whether they are in the network of the plan you are considering.

Section 2 lists a variety of services that you may need, ranging from primary and specialist care visits, to preventive screenings, surgery, chemotherapy, clinical trials, physical therapy, fertility preservation, and more, and helps you to compare requirements for pre-authorization and cost-sharing differences between plans.

Section 3 estimates the total costs of your health plan, including premiums, total out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance, and premium tax credits.

Together these sections help you gather all the information you need to ensure you pick the right plan to meet your current and future health needs.

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