Health Insurance Matters

If you are healthy it is difficult to foresee potential illness or injury, and even more difficult to predict the costs of future health problems. But it’s important to remember that health insurance — unlike car or home insurance–does not just help you to pay for an unexpected disaster. Health plans provide vital benefits intended to help you maintain good health and enjoy life on an ongoing basis.

Health insurance is ultimately a contract between you and a health insurer to pay some or all of your health care costs in exchange for a monthly premium payment. The kind of coverage you have—that is, the amount your insurance company is willing to pay for certain healthcare expenses—will vary depending on the insurance policy you’ve selected.

With a health insurance policy, you are not penalized for using your coverage throughout the year. It is quite the opposite, and you are actually encouraged to seek both regular checkups and preventive care during the year. Unlike other types of insurance, your rates are not determined by annual usage and claims cannot affect future benefits.

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