What Your EOB Contains & Why You Should Keep Them

The ‘fine print’ following the financial summary related to your specific medical service can contain important information regarding the policies and procedures related to future interaction, grievances, appeals and your rights governed by your insurance plan. This section also contains the best contact information for addressing your questions and concerns to your insurance provider, should you have any.

Long Term Tax Records, Financial, Budgeting and Insurance Disputes

In addition to the near term aspect of billing, keeping a copy of your Explanation of Benefits may be important for end of year tax documentation, as well as managing your total out-of-pocket expenses throughout your insurance plan year. If you are applying for any type of financial aid, whether through your provider, a state or local resource or even through a charity, they will most likely request copies of the EOB in their application process. Should you find yourself needing to appeal an insurance decision or dispute a charge or service, whether related to this specific date of service or a future incident, you will need to include EOBs as documentation within that process.

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