2023 Patient Advocate Foundation Impact Report Released

Patient Advocate Foundation Releases 2023 Annual Impact Report

… More Support, More Conditions, More Patients


Hampton, VA (May 14, 2024) Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), the nation’s largest comprehensive healthcare safety net charity which provides case management services and financial aid to patients with chronic, life-threatening, and debilitating illnesses, is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Annual Impact Report (AIR), More Support, More Conditions, More Patients.

The report reveals the current state of patient experience in today’s healthcare environment and the breadth of PAF interventions necessary to adequately assist the patients and families they serve, many of whom experience social or financial distress that results from challenges faced while seeking access to and trying to afford healthcare and basic household needs.

Extensive calendar year data is presented throughout the AIR. Our Safety Net Ecosystem section features survey and evaluation results focused on the impact of chronic and complex conditions, with insights into the populations PAF helps. Readers can explore patient stories and highlights from PAF’s case management, financial support programs, health equity, community engagement, and patient education initiatives, with interactive learning opportunities provided throughout the report.

The Annual Impact Report also acknowledges our generous supporters and partners, without whom PAF’s work would not be possible, and provides financial statements for the fiscal year 2022/23.

For more than 28 years, PAF has remained steadfastly dedicated to its mission, ensuring that patients and those who care for them have critical assistance when they encounter financial and administrative burdens, particularly those exacerbated by social determinants of health. That resolute commitment compelled the organization to reach more than 2.5 million people through direct service, education, and outreach in 2023, to distribute more than $450+ million in financial support, and to provide direct, sustained help to more than 185,000 patients with 958 distinct diagnoses, hailing from all 50 states, representing 93% of all US counties.

“Our focus continues to be on providing meaningful and measurable help, one patient at a time and one community at a time. We aim to remove barriers to affordable and equitable healthcare access, so patients have a better chance at the health outcomes and quality of life everyone deserves. I find the release of this Annual Impact Report especially critical as our nation grapples to address the delivery of safety net help and meaningful navigation services to patients when the struggle to meet life’s challenges when you are sick has never been greater,” said PAF CEO Alan Balch, Ph.D.

PAF was founded in 1996 by Nancy Davenport-Ennis and co-founded by John H. (Jack) Ennis to help address the issues faced by patients like their friend Cheryl Grimmel, who had to battle not only her breast cancer but for access to affordable treatments.

To view or download a copy of PAF’s 2023 Annual Impact Report visit: https://www.patientadvocate.org/download-view/2023-annual-impact-report/