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Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said "there is no prescription more valuable than knowledge."   PAF's educational team works hard to embrace that sentiment and bring quality materials to patients, their caregivers and healthcare advocates that help inform and empower action. 

Patient Education Topics

PAF's team of experts has created numerous patient-friendly resources to help empower you to lead your healthcare, health insurance, and more.  Choose the topic that most interests you at the moment to view the library of materials available.

The Language of Insurance
Understanding Health Insurance
Choosing a Health Plan
Common Barriers – Affordability & Costs
Medication Benefits & Your Formulary
Interacting with Insurer
Interacting with Your Physician
Insurance Denials & Appeals
Maintaining Employment & Job Benefits
Preserving Income & Federal Benefits
Laws & Protections
Getting Care While Uninsured

Additional Projects & Populations

Patient Action Council
This project brings together industry partners who deliver quality educational materials to healthcare consumers in their time of need.  Created in 2008, this group has developed numerous resources for public use. 

Navigating Breast Cancer Resources
Search for breast cancer resources and organizations that can potentially help patients with their healthcare needs.

“Matters of the Heart” for Cardiovascular Disease
An interactive resource center to help patients, family members, caregivers, and providers locate information relevant to heart and circulatory conditions.

National Financial Resource Directory
Search for resources and organizations that can potentially help uninsured and insured patients with their healthcare needs.