Heart Valve CareLine Patient Shares Story

When your doctor tells you that your insurance has not approved a needed surgery, it can be heartbreaking.  When that news comes after you have scheduled the surgery, arrived that morning and checked in, already changed into your medical gown and been hooked up to an IV by the nursing staff, it is not only emotionally crushing, but extremely frustrating as well to hear that your health insurance is now a barrier to your care.

That’s exactly what happened to Bob Taylor after his doctor recommended surgery to address a serious heart valve problem.

Bob, his daughter Sarah and his family members share their story of leaving the hospital that day, and how they ultimately connected to PAF’s Heart Valve CareLine program.  Working with PAF lead to a real impact in Bob’s life, and is just one example of why the CareLine case managers work so hard to assist the patients they serve everyday.

View Bob’s Story Here

“There was just simply disappointment.  I couldn’t
believe that they couldn’t see what the
doctors were seeing.” 

– Bob, Heart Valve Patient