PAF’s Expert Webcasts

PAF is pleased to share free educational webcast events for those who want to go through information at their own pace.  Whether presented live or on-demand, these sessions provide timely information to all. 

PAF's case managers and health care experts regularly listen for common topics of concern by patients.   Using this data source, our team produces interactive webcast events that help patients self-advocate for the care they need, in the hope of serving even more patients who are facing these issues.  Hosted by senior case managers and experienced leaders, these sessions provide critical background information on a specific topic, helps you to identify what is potentially causing your issues and shares tips and strategies on how to resolve. 

All sessions are free to attend and are available immediately upon registration. 

All Choosing a Health Plan Understanding Health Insurance Interacting With Your Insurer Getting Care While Uninsured Interacting With Your Physician Breast Cancer Projects Preserving Income & Federal Benefits Maintaining Employment & Job Benefits Common Barriers - Affordability Healthy Living & Prevention Insurance Denials & Appeals Drug Formulary

PAF's Patient Empowerment Series content aims to arm novice and seasoned patients and caregivers with comprehensive educational information and effective strategies to increase health care access.   It is with generous donation support that we are able to ensure these sessions remain available for public access.    We are honored to receive donations from these sponsors in support of this educational project: