PAF est solidaire de la communauté AAPI

Fondation des patients de l'avocat (PAF) est solidaire des Américains d'origine asiatique et des îles du Pacifique (AAPI) communauté et dénonce la violence et le racisme contre toutes les communautés de couleur. En tant que défenseurs, notre mission est d'amplifier les voix de ceux qui sont confrontés aux inégalités en matière de santé dans notre société. Bien que nous nous concentrions sur les soins de santé et les souffrances causées par la maladie et le handicap, nous reconnaissons que beaucoup plus profondément, des inégalités plus larges peuvent être les causes profondes de ces problèmes. During these past few weeks, we have witnessed our country again struggle with the pain of intense racism, la pauvreté, violence, and hatred.

The recent spike in hate-related incidents against the AAPI community is especially concerning when considered against the larger pattern of racism against all communities of color. The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism found that anti-AAPI hate crimes reported to police rose 149% between 2019 et 2020. According to experts, such incidents are likely underreported.

The communities PAF serves have long endured unequal access to care. Our work is grounded in the belief the everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve good health. Research shows that the stress caused by racism and discrimination worsens health outcomes and shortens lives. It can cause distrust in the patient-provider relationship and lead to discrepancies in treatment pathways. The practical problems we address and the specific populations we have served for more than 25 years through case management, financial assistance, education and training, health services research, and community outreach demonstrates our commitment to promoting equity and combating the many challenges created by social determinants of health.

PAF, we want to ensure that equity is present in all we do as we help individuals in their pursuit of optimal health.