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Nous aimerions rester en contact! PAF maintient un public dévoué de patients, fournisseurs de soins, les fournisseurs et les intervenants communautaires qui veulent dire à jour avec les nouvelles pertinentes à notre but non lucratif et nos services.

We welcome all patients, fournisseurs, défenseurs médicaux, navigateurs et les personnes intéressées à vous abonner à notre livraison électronique de nouvelles. PAF currently has various types of notices which we distribute to help inform our readership of program updates, company news, PAF fundraising events, and other PAF specific news. We welcome you to choose the one that best matches your interests, or sign up for both areas.

  • PAF Program News & GeneralAnnouncements

This may include information related to our organization structure, annual release of reports, awards or special recognition that PAF receives, strides related to our work in healthcare advocacy, new program launches, new Co-Pay Relief disease funds or simply information related to healthcare news and insurance changes that you could benefit from.
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  • Co-Pay Relief Program Notices

This interest area includes email notification of new disease fund support, changes to application processes or program access, and other newsworthy items related to the Co-Pay Relief division at PAF.
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