Resource Directory Built for Metastatic Breast Cancer Community

Directory supports patients’ specific needs in a fast and user-friendly manner

Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) has launched the Metastatic Breast Cancer Resource Directory, a new patient-friendly search tool designed to provide critical nonprofit, community and government rsources that address the unique needs of the breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer community. This tool helps users quickly locate practical and financial resources that are needed before, during or after, a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

“For metastatic breast cancer patients, this is an excellent and comprehensive library that shares a list of local and national resources available, provided in one central location,” shared Fran Castellow, President of PAF. With 38 different categories of financial and practical assistance options to choose from, a comprehensive resource list can be easily generated through a few clicks of one’s mouse. This Directory is available to both uninsured and underinsured individuals and families, and will help locate important emergency financial aid, alternative coverage options and methods to help access healthcare and basic living needs.

To use the tool, simply toggle between the two tabs at the top of the Directory to first select the diagnosis of breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. Users then answer 3 basic questions via a drop-down menu including: age range, residential state and up to 4 assistance types they are looking for help with. This will quickly generate a list of potentially dozens of resources matching the criteria and custom selections in which the user chose.

The results list will display the website and phone number alongside a brief description of what the resource offers, basic eligibility information and known details on the application processes. “Our team takes time to research and verify every resource available in the Directory, to ensure that it meets the needs of our patients,” stated Erin Bradshaw, Chief of Mission Delivery for Patient Advocate Foundation. Results can be further customized by checking or unchecking a specific resource within the list that can then be promptly emailed or printed.

Unlimited searches are offered to Directory users, allowing patients, caregivers and providers working on their behalf to return to the Directory as their needs change.

The tool’s page also features additional educational and functional resources to further assist in one’s healthcare journey. Displayed with the program results, users will find educational publications and viewable webinars that address common questions, concerns and healthcare barriers for breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer patients.

PAF has supported the needs of breast and metastatic breast cancer patients and caregivers for over 20 years. The Metastatic Breast Cancer Resource Directory can be found directly at or by choosing the “Navigating Breast Cancer Resources” button on PAF’s website.

This Metastatic Breast Cancer Resource Directory project is provided to you through donation support from the Novartis STEP (Solutions To Empower Patients) Program, along with support and guidance of the Patient Action Council delegates and the Patient Advocate Foundation.

Disclaimer: This project identifies external programs and organizations that may potentially be able to provide assistance to patients based on entered selection criteria. The Patient Advocate Foundation does not have any direct connection to the operations of these resources and thus no influence on eligibility criteria, selection process, fund availability or program details and does not promise or guarantee any level of support. Organization contact information provided through this tool is simply meant to be a courtesy for users and does not imply any endorsement. To search resources for conditions outside of breast ad metastatic breast cancer, please visit our National Financial Resource Directory at Resources displayed within this Breast Cancer Resource Directory tool have been reviewed and selected because they provide value and support for patients diagnosed with breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer and their caregivers.