About Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

To be eligible for SSDI you must have worked 5 of the last 10 years if you are over age 31, and had a payroll FICA tax deduction where 6% of the tax goes towards Social Security programs.

Some basic medical questions you will need to answer include:

    • Did your doctor tell you your condition was severe or could cause you to die?
    • Is your condition found on the compassionate allowance list?
    • Is your condition on the list of impairments on the Social Security website?
    • Are you currently working? What are your job responsibilities?
    • What is your current monthly income? If you make over a certain amount per month, you may not be considered to be disabled at this time.

You may complete the SSDI application online, by phone, or in person at your local Social Security office.

    • You will be responsible for providing your detailed medical history, as well as the names of medical professionals who provided your care.
    • Once all of the necessary information is received from the providers you listed on your application, it will be forwarded to the state Disability Determination Services (DDS), who decides if you are eligible to receive SSDI benefits. This process can take between 3-6 months.
    • If your claim is denied you have the right to appeal, but the reconsideration process is lengthy and can take up to 2 years.

SSDI beneficiaries have to wait five months after your disability onset date to begin receiving benefits and 24 months after your onset date before Medicare benefits begin.

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