Disability Entitlements Timeline (Uninsured)

Below is the timeline for Social Security disability, from date of diagnosis and beyond.

Date of Diagnosis or out of work——File FMLA with employer if applicable

1 week————————————Complete physician visits and follow-ups, gather medical and financial documents, apply for indigent drug programs

2 weeks———————————-File for Medicaid, Social Security Disability Benefits, and Social Services assistance

45 days———————————–Uninsured patients check status of Social Security Disability Benefits and Medicaid applications and contact PAF if denied or no response

2 months———————————Expedited SSI payments for terminally ill patients may begin

3 months———————————FMLA protection ends

5 months———————————SSDI waiting period ends for approved patients and payments begin. 24 month Medicare waiting period begins

12 months——————————–Must have medical certification of disability that prevents patient from working for 12 consecutive months to qualify for Social Security Disability

29 months——————————-SSDI recipients become eligible for Medicare

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