PAF Achieves GuideStar’s Platinum Status for 2018

Earning this Independent Seal of Transparency Allows Donors to Focus on Progress and Results Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) earned the 2018 Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Seal of Transparency, the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information. By sharing metrics that highlight progress PAF is making toward its mission, […]

Tips for Talking With Your Pharmacist

Pharmacists are a valuable resource for patients in many ways. Pharmacists are well-educated in both prescription and over-the-counter products and are able to help with any medication questions or concerns. Pharmacists work closely with your doctor to give you professional guidance about your health.

Family Medical Leave: What You Need to Know

If you have experienced a heart attack, stroke, heart condition, or if you have undergone surgery, your need to rest and recover may impact your ability to work. If this situation applies to you, it is important to know that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives you certain workplace protections and helps preserve your income.

Should I Always Use My Insurance?

In most situations, using your insurance coverage is in your best interest because it ensures you are receiving the maximum benefits that you are entitled to, and utilizes what you are paying for with your premiums. But, in some cases, you may choose to pay directly for the care you want and forgo your insurer’s assistance and insurance policy. We have highlighted a couple of instances where you might choose to forfeit any insurance intervention. 

How to Read Your Medication Formulary

As a plan member, you have the right to view the formulary your medication benefits are based on. The formulary should be organized in a way to show members what is covered and how it’s covered. The process is supposed to save money for you and your insurer, but it can feel like a hassle […]

What Does an Approved Pre-Authorization Mean?

A pre-authorization is a restriction placed on certain medications, tests, or health services that require your doctor to first check and be granted permission before your plan will cover the item. This extra step helps both your doctor and the insurer feel comfortable that the medical item is needed and medically necessary for your care. […]

More Support for Patients within Co-Pay Relief

PAF’s Co-Pay Relief program has received additional grant support for the Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Prostate Cancer funds and is now accepting applications for new and renewal patients impacted by these diagnoses. PAF’s Co-Pay Relief program provides direct financial assistance to qualified patients with co-payments, co-insurance or cost-sharing associated with prescription drugs through funds dedicated […]

Kevin Moran

The PAF scholarship helps allow me to attend my choice college and study computer science. Through this education, I also hope to learn about software engineering and programming so one day I can create a game that might help kids feel not so isolated while going through cancer treatment. Thank you Patient Advocate Foundation for […]

Jam Ransom-Marks

Being a three-time cancer survivor, my family and I have spent a considerable amount of time and money the last decade due to my healthcare needs. After years of finally clearing these hurdles, the PAF Scholarship has assisted me to pursue my educational dreams. I will major in Biological Sciences then continue on to medical […]

Shelby Wade

Due to my diagnosis and course of treatment, I fell behind a semester in just one course of study making me ineligible for all my institutional and federal aid this semester. The PAF scholarship will help offset this loss of aid so I can finish my degree. Serving as the President of the Student Nurses […]