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Add meaning to your birthday, an event, anniversary (cancer free, wedding, etc.) or an adventure and make a bigger difference in a family's life.Create your own fundraising event and help us give hope to patients with life-threatening diseases who, because of the complexity and cost of their treatments, need help traveling to care, paying for food and housing, keeping the lights on, identifying coverage options or overcoming insurance denials to get to the care they need. Ways to Support Patient Advocate Foundation Do you have an idea to raise money to support patients and help us give hope to patients…

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All of our services are provided at no cost to the patient. By donating, you will make a big difference in the lives of patients and caregivers impacted by chronic, life-threatening, or debilitating illness. Please consider contributing to PAF via a tax-deductible donation and help us continue to help Americans get access to healthcare that they need.Listen to the Ema family as they describe their experience with PAF. Ways to Support Patient Advocate Foundation Honor the memory of a loved one or honor a family member, colleague, or friend by making a donation to PAF in his or her name.…

Will Medicaid Expansion Impact Me?

This article explains that Medicaid is a federally mandated, but state-run healthcare program designed to benefit low-income adults, their children, and people with certain disabilities who cannot otherwise afford insurance. While Medicaid is funded by both the federal and state governments, each state decides who is eligible for their program.

Why Would I Get Catastrophic Only Insurance?

This article discusses that if you are under 30 or if you have what is defined as a “hardship exemption,” you may be eligible to buy a plan that provides coverage for sudden, serious accidents or illnesses, but has very light coverage for everyday health needs or treatment of chronic conditions.

What is a “Grandfathered plan”?

This article discusses that some health insurance plans which were in place before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010 still exist today in the same format are referred to as grandfathered plans.

I’m Insured, Now What?

This article explains even though you completed your enrollment, your insurance will not go into effect until you have submitted both your application and first month’s premium payment.

Resource: Cancer Insurance Checklist

This article provides a useful guide that's published in conjunction with a number of patient focused nonprofit organizations. It was created to help you find a plan that will meet your health needs and budget with easy-to-understand worksheets, even if you do not have a cancer diagnosis.