Volunteer with PAF

志願者是現任和前任患者, 護理人員, health care professionals, lawyers and people who care about the quality of health care in our country.

PAF’s volunteer and community team come in all forms – those dedicated citizens who take their voices and opinions to governmental policy makers through our partnership with National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), legal professionals who participate within the Legal Resource Network, donors who support efforts to assist patients using their everyday spending and philanthropic generosity, volunteers who enjoy planning and building community support, and everyday citizens who take the time to be a personal advocate on behalf of someone they love. 下面是一些可以幫助方式!

Volunteer to help fundraise for PAF

PAF's development team is frequent seeking community-minded volunteers who have a desire to help ensure that our fundraising events are successful. This may include helping serve on a planning committee for an event, volunteering during the Promise of Hope event, helping to solicit donations for our silent auction, or coordinating a new event that would engage our community while raising money to help support patients. If you are interested in participating or brainstorming about what could be possible, contact us using this form and let us know what you have in mind.

Volunteer for National Patient Advocate Foundation

Join PAF’s sister organization National Patient Advocate Foundation and become a part of their advocacy network. 志願者是現任和前任患者, 護理人員, 醫療保健專業人士和誰在乎保健的我國優秀人才.

The National Patient Advocate Foundation was formed in conjunction with PAF in 1996, and today is our nation’s premier medical and health care related advocacy organization. NPAF staff and volunteers work everyday to ensure patients are receiving the protections and policies they need to facilitate healthcare in the U.S.

You can get involved by joining the Patients' Voice Network – active in all 50 states! Through this volunteer advocate network, you will be informed of current state and federal initiatives that will affect the healthcare of all Americans. By knowing the key points, you will be able to effectively bring your voice to legislators who sit in a position to make a difference. NPAF's volunteers also spread the word in their communities about the services provided by the Patient Advocate Foundation. Meet new friends, learn new ideas, master new skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment with this volunteer opportunity.

You can customize your volunteer experience to match your interests, 技能和時間表. Some volunteers serve a few minutes a week and others who give many hours a month.

You can sign up by visiting the volunteer section on National Patient Advocate Foundation website www.npaf.org.


The Patient Advocate Foundation’s National Legal Resource Network is currently comprised of over 140 of our nation’s leading health care attorneys who specialize in resolving healthcare challenges affecting patient’s access to care. 始建於 1996 謝爾登Weinhaus, of Weinhaus & Potashnick in St. 路易, 密蘇里州, 這個論壇已經影響了數百名病人誰是面臨複雜的醫療保健的障礙. Interested attorneys with expertise in healthcare related matters and a desire to contribute their services to better the lives of patients are invited to become a network member by submitting the below application. A list of the common responsibilities for network members is included on the below informational sheet, as well as the process for reviewing applications. 今天, Rich Carter, Esq. of Carter & Coleman based in Alexandria, VA serves as the pro-bono Director of the National Legal Resource Network.

One Page Information Sheet on the NLRN | Application to join the NLRN

Become an advocate to someone you love.

是什麼意思有所作為? 製作一個差異可能意味著你的妹妹訪問從她的產科/婦科護理, 你的父親收到, 並報銷突破療法, 或者你的鄰居有前往只有一個醫療機構接受他規定的癌症治療.

您可以通過你的時間給予幫助解決全國各地的跨越或者是正確的在你的後院問題使醫療保健領域的差異. 有必要努力工作有所作為? 是, 有時, 但它也可以是非常有益的和有很多樂趣!