The Importance of Your Medical Deductible

There are several factors you need to be aware of when choosing a health insurance plan. Let’s say that the same drug costs $100 on Plan A and $103.50 on Plan B. Plan A is obviously the best choice, right? Not necessarily.

One of the biggest elements to consider ones is the deductible.

The deductible is the amount that your health insurance provider requires that you pay for medical costs before they will begin to pay for a claim.

So if Plan B has a deducible that is $200, and Plan A has one that is $1000, you will be better with paying a little more for the medication now, to ultimately save hundreds of dollars for all your medications.

This price can vary greatly from plan to plan. Some deductibles are in the hundreds whereas others are in the thousands. Typically, the less you pay on your monthly premium, the higher your deductible will be.

When choosing a health insurance plan, make sure to review all aspect of the plan before making a decision.

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