Getting to Your Medical Appointments

What if you cannot get to your appointments?

Many times patients have difficulty managing their basic transportation needs when in the midst of their medical care. Managing frequent appointments to and from facilities for care, procedures, treatments and follow-up, as well as trips to pharmacies and drug stores when gathering at-home supplies, can further strain a patient and their family. It is also not uncommon for patients to have to travel long distances to a treating facility, sometimes requiring an overnight stay and an additional cost of lodging. There are a number of organizations that provide free or reduced cost transportation, specifically for long distance travel.

You might also contact a local charity or service-oriented volunteer network for assistance with local travel.

Patients also frequently have friends, coworkers and family members who share offers to help when you are dealing with a medical event, and many times there are not immediate items you need that come to mind. This might be that good time to take them up on their offer to see if they would be willing and able to assist taking you to a specific appointment. Whether it is one-time help or more regular assistance, you and your assister will benefit.

To find a list of organizations that assist in coordinating travel options, visit our National Financial Resource Guide and search for “Transportation Assistance’.

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