Laws & Protections

There are many local, state and federal laws that govern the way that your healthcare is delivered to you. There are laws that you may have already heard of, like HIPAA, and ones that you are not familiar with that protect your access to care.

You may not realize that there are regulations, laws and processes built into our healthcare system that aim to protect your privacy and your ability to access timely health and medical services, as well as oversee your engagement with employers, healthcare providers, and more. These protections exist regardless of other factors like your income, whether you have insurance, or your citizenship status.

As an empowered patient, it’s necessary for you to have a good understanding of the legislation that can be a support to you on your healthcare journey. Even if you are not facing an illness currently, this section is a good place to familiarize yourself with our rights for the future, or to share your knowledge with a friend or family member.