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Subject matter experts present timely information regarding the coronavirus pandemic in our weekly webinar series so you can stay abreast on current COVID-19 pandemic developments.

Coronavirus 101: Learn from PAF’s Epidemiologist

Confused about the coronavirus? There’s a lot of bad information out there, but we want you to have the facts. That’s why we’re offering a webinar with Kathleen Gallagher, MPH, from the Patient Advocate Foundation.

Kathleen is a trained epidemiologist who will explain how the virus spreads, share safety tips and take any questions you have.   Register to listen to this on-demand webinar or review the slides below.


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COVID Care Resouce Center Overview

In this presentation, Emily Brown of the Patient Education and Empowerment Department discusses PAF’s new online COVID Care Resource Center, which includes links to a webinar series, frequently asked questions, a resource directory to help you find support, and information about new programs PAF is implementing to directly assist those impacted by this virus. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar or review the slides below.


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Federal Government COVID-19 Crisis Response to Support Patients and Families

Navigating the health care system can be challenging on a good day, let alone during a global pandemic. In this webinar, the National Patient Advocate Foundation staff will detail the new emergency benefits and support authorized in recently enacted federal laws that directly relate to your health and financial well-being. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar or review the slides below.


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3 Good Ways to Plan for Your COVID-19 Care Right Now

Be a hero. Make a plan. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, our medical system is under stress. In addition to staying home and social distancing, each of us can take steps to plan as patients and as caregivers that will help health care providers, family members and ourselves have more of a say in our own health care – no matter what happens.

Being prepared will give providers the information they need about what you want. It will also allow time so you can ask questions about what you need to know.  Join NPAF and VitalTalk in this interactive webinar to learn medical care planning practical steps you can take and resources available to help. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar or review the slides below.


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COVID-Planning Tip Sheet

Ten-Minute Take Action Sheet: Be a Hero, Make a Plan.


At a Loss? Your PAF Toolkit for Dealing with Work Disruption, Decreased Income and Paying for Living Expenses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many of us are experiencing financial hardship as a result of work disruption due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, but still need to figure out how to pay your expenses. PAF will discuss strategies for locating resources that may help cover medical and living expenses.


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COVID-19 from Equalizer to Exacerbator: The Patient Experience

COVID-19, initially called the equalizer because of its perceived equal impact across the country, quickly became the great exacerbator. This webinar is designed to engage with people living with chronic conditions to understand disruptions they are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The information gathered will help inform service delivery offered by PAF and shape local and national policy efforts to be undertaken by our sister organization, NPAF.

Pre-COVID, across the country many individuals with chronic conditions such as cancer were struggling with access, quality, and affordability challenges while trying to hold everything together within a personal financial infrastructure that was crumbling all around them. The emergence of COVID-19 was a healthcare tsunami for which no one could prepare with new mudslides that emerge every day impacting the lives of people living with chronic conditions in ways they never could have imagined. We will discuss the current situation as well as highlight opportunities to help us all prepare for the next natural/man-made disaster. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar or review the slides below.


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COVID Care and COVID Care Recovery Fund provide personalized help for those who need direct assistance.





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Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you or your family? There are many resources available to ease the financial strain you may be experiencing.




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Let us answer your most commonly asked questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.





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Our webinars are updated so you can stay abreast on current COVID-19 pandemic developments.





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Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is focused on the health and safety of our staff and maintaining the availability of our program services so that we can continue to be a resource for patients, their families and care teams.



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