I’m Insured, Now What?

Even though you completed your enrollment, your insurance will not go into effect until you have submitted both your application and first month’s premium payment.

Once both of those occur expect to receive your insurance card and other documentation related to your plan. Once enrolled, it’s very important that you pay each of the monthly premium payments on time to maintain coverage.

Get Started Using Your Insurance Benefits!

Don’t be afraid to use your plan benefits. Early detection and regular healthcare are especially important to keep you healthy throughout the year.

Take advantage of annual check-ups including preventive care to help prevent illness.

Always take your insurance card with you when you make visits to your medical provider, hospital or pharmacist. Be sure to update your information so your patient file is accurate.

Always confirm your insurance is accepted and in-network for both the medical provider being seen and for the office location at which you are being treated.

If your health insurance company decides it will not pay for a specific healthcare service, you have the right to appeal the insurance company’s decision.

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